Present Day

Nowadays people still see the twin castellated stone- faced towers which dominate the entrance to the site on Dean Road in Scarborough, still hinting at the horrors which once dwelt within.Typical of Victorian “front” and over-statement however the remainder of the site is much less grandiose. The main buildings are of red brick construction. The main cell block, its galleries, cells and staircases remain intact.

It would now be hard to imagine the below ground stark, windowless punishment cells, the cells for women and the kitchen with pulleys to the upper-floors and the ground-floor offices for the Governor and his staff or the first-floor Chapel, now stripped of its religious fineries, much less the “itch cell” located close to the fumigation room. There is no grandeur to what was the Governor’s House and Warden’s House sited inside the entrance towers. Images of emaciated prisoners breaking their backs as well as rocks in the stone-breaking yard are now hard to conjure, as is the fact that the other existing buildings were once a busy laundry, foundry and stables. The site remains a Council Depot.